Six months of saving the lives of Ukrainians with disabilities: Fight For Right’s report

Six months of saving the lives of Ukrainians with disabilities: Fight For Right’s report

Half a year of saving lives – this is how you can briefly describe the Fight For Right’s report for February-August 2022.

Cover of the Fight For Right’s report.

FIGHT FOR RIGHT is a Ukrainian public organization for people with disabilities founded in 2017. Since the onset of the full-scale Russian invasion, Fight For Right has expanded into an aid network for Ukrainians with disabilities during the war.

This Fight For Rights’s report shares the story of our struggle for every person with a disability in Ukraine.

During these six months, we managed to achieve the following results:

  • 4,033 persons with disabilities in urgent need of assistance have received it. People who applied to Fight For Right needed several types of assistance at once and they got it.
  • 1,547 persons can fall asleep in a warm bed, not in the basement, without hearing explosions and shots thanks to evacuations. Our longest routes in Ukraine are as follows: Kramatorsk – Lviv, Mykolaiv – Dnipro, Kramatorsk – Dnipro, Toretsk – Uzhhorod, Bakhmut – Vinnytsia, Dnipro – Chernivtsi region, Bakhmut – Cherkasy, Dnipro – Poltava – Lviv, Zaporizhzhia – Lviv, Poltava region – Lviv, Vinnytsia region – Kyiv. The largest evacuation performed by FFR started in Mykolaiv with the endpoint in Buenos Aires. It was accomplished by Hennadii Novoselov, a deaf man from Mykolaiv.
  • 35 persons from 9 different countries joined the team;
  • €480,000 has been raised on GoFundMe to save people with disabilities, with most donations coming from the community.
  • The Fight For Right team launched The Teplo project. It is all about providing warmth to people with disabilities in winter.

Our February-August 2022 activity report includes the key results of our work during the full-scale Russian invasion and highlights what did we achieved.

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