The Vision of Ukraine 2030: the Round Table of School for Political Analysis and the Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition

The Vision of Ukraine 2030: the Round Table of School for Political Analysis and the Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition

The Fight For Right team keeps working on the topic of the renewal of Ukraine after the war. In particular, the head of Fight For Right and an expert of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition Yuliia Sachuk together with the advocacy manager Iryna Fedorovych were involved in the development of the one of chapters of the visional document “The vision of Ukraine: Reforming and Renewal of Social and Humanitarian Sphere by 2030”.


Today, during the round table our advocacy manager Iryna Fedorovych has introduced achievements and described where and how we would like to see Ukraine in 2030. Some key messages of her speech are below:

  • Unfortunately, all reforms in Ukraine are usually point-like. Therefore, there is a lack of the strategic vision at the level of ministries and inside civil society, when we could have just tried to agree with a common vision on where we are going as a state.
  • The full-scale war has shown how inaccessible in spheres of architecture and information is the Ukrainian infrastructure for people with disabilities.
  • Some systemic problems, with accessibility to quality services, in particular, haven’t been solved by the state since 2014-2015, when the war in Donbas started.
  • When we are talking about reforming this or that sphere, we should look broader at this and not view rights of people with disabilities as a question related only to social or medical rights.
  • People with disabilities want and can live inclusively in society. They must have an opportunity to use their human rights.
  • Inclusion is not just about gathering representatives of various groups in 1 room and giving them a possibility to speak. It is about thinking on how to insert intersectionality in every reform (respect to diversity of people) and a cross-sectoral approach.
  • 2 key changes in policies towards people with disabilities by 2030 we are advocating for:
  • leaving medical and charity models of understanding disability and a long-awaited implementation of the human rights model;
  • A human is in the centre of reforming processes or building up any policy. It is not any conditional human, though. It is about understanding that people with different characteristics need different decisions and equal rights.


“Needs of people with disabilities, veterans or parents of a child with disability are very different. As soon we, as a state, learn to see these different needs and put this “diverse human” with its rights in the centre, understand that it is impossible to attribute human rights to one ministry, we will really move towards some systemic reform.” – comments an expert.


To learn more about concrete suggestions of changes in the area of rights of people with disabilities, developed by FFR team, read a document via link (available only in Ukrainian):

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