Fight For Right has joined the War Crimes Documenting Coalition

Fight For Right has joined the War Crimes Documenting Coalition

The non-governmental organization Fight For Right has joined the Ukraine 5 AM Coalition and together with other organizations will document war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the russian armed aggression.

Tetyana Pechonchyk, human rights defender, ZMINA

“We are doing this in order to bring to justice the top leadership of the russian federation and the direct perpetrators of war crimes, as well as to support the victims of the armed conflict,” Tetiana Pechonchyk, human rights activist, head of the ZMINA Human Rights Center comments on Fight For Right’s joining the Coalition and adds:

“It is very important that Fight For Right works with people with disabilities. This group of people is disproportionately affected by the war, which causes a lot of suffering. After all, as we saw from numerous reports, people with disabilities could not evacuate from dangerous zones as quickly as other categories of citizens, and became victims of various types of war crimes.”

The Coalition, together with Fight For Right, will continue to document, collect as much data as possible, store it, cooperate with national and international mechanisms of justice, and also highlight what is happening in Ukraine to a wider audience – in Ukraine and abroad. And most importantly, the focus of this work will remain on people with disabilities and crimes against them.

It should be reminded, that Fight For Right is one of the first organizations to start evacuating people with disabilities since the full-scale invasion of russia.

The Ukraine 5 AM Coalition, founded in response to russia’s military attack on Ukraine in February of this year, is a group of civil society organizations and individual experts who record and document war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during russia’s armed aggression in Ukraine. Many members of the Coalition have extensive experience in documenting international crimes and human rights violations committed in the occupied territories of Crimea, some areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions since 2014, and also provide documented data to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and mechanisms of international justice, including International Criminal Court.

In the photo: on a black background, a young woman with dark hair and brown eyes looks slightly away from the frame with a serious look. Caption on the picture: Tetiana Pechonchyk: “We are glad to welcome FFR to the 5 AM Coalition!”

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